Entre Indígenas- Who is Jessica from CobraCult?

Jessica- A hardworking jeweler, a devoted mother, a wilderness lover, homesteader and adventurer.

E- How and when did the idea of designing jewelry come about?
Did you learn to do it all by yourself?

J- I’m mostly self taught. I began making jewelry as a hobby and selling my products at street fairs. I enjoyed doing it and hated my day job working at a grocery store so one day I quit and started doing it full time. That was 7 years ago now.

I love being my own boss.

When I wanted to learn new skills I would take a class or buy a book. Sometimes I learned from other artists or jeweler friends. 90% of the time I taught myself though.

E- What is your source of inspiration?

J- My main source of inspiration is the natural world.  I love wildlife, wild water, wild plants and wild places.

I live rurally so I can see the wilderness from my studio windows and if I need to get inspired I can just head towards the mountains.

E- Which do you consider is your best work by now?

J- My favorite prices are the ones with with birds and wildflowers. I love those two motifs.

I also recently started to offer more 14k gold. I’ve been making a lot of engagement rings with gold and turquoise and these are simple but special. I love making people happy.

E- Where and how would you like to see yourself 10 years from now?

J- I’d like to incorporate more folk art into my website offerings.

I’m mostly a stay at home mom now so my jewelry production has slowed substantially. I’d like for our little New Mexico homestead to be mostly self sufficient. To grow and harvest most of our own food.

I’d love to just farm all day and do jewelry when I can.

E- How do you combine your family life with your life as an enterprising woman? Do you find time for all?

J-Its really difficult to find balance.

I love making jewelry but my son is the most important thing in my life. If taking care of him means that jewelry needs to take a back seat then so be it.

I’d love to introduce my son to making art when he is old enough. I look forward to craft projects that can include him.

E- Your best quality and your worst defect:

J- I have the stamina and grit to rough it until I reach my goals.

However I’m also very impatient. I can get stressed during the process. Eager to see things through I have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy the journey.

E- How is a perfect day in your life:

J- It starts with a good nights sleep and waking up early.

Coffee is important and then good excercise and fresh air to start the day.

I feel amazing when I’m productive so taking care of some meaningful household projects before I enjoy a good adventure.

If I’m able I’m happiest finishing some art or jewelry projects too! The more I get done the better! Capping a good day off with tea or a glass of wine is nice too.

Then more we’ll deserved sleep if the baby will allow it.


E- If you had to choose, which gemstone is your favorite?

J- I like dendrictic agate and Montana sapphires at the moment.

Of course I love turquoise too!

E- A success and a failure.

J- My son is perfectly sweet. He’s the light of my life and my biggest success I’d say!

I fail weekly at creating a routine. My routine is always interrupted and I’m constantly trying to restart things. It’s a fail but definitely keeps life interesting and variable.


– A phrase: Get er done!

– A film: Dances with Wolves

– A song: Silver Raven, Gene Clark

– A book: Temperance Creek, by Pamela Royes

– A city:  New Orleans, LA


  • Ten years in a coma / Ten years in jail
  • City life / Country life
  • Talking to animals / Talking to the dead
  • A good book /A good movie
  • Only being able to whisper / Only being able to scream
  • Lifetime free wifi / Lifetime free coffee
  • Singing in public / Dancing in public
  • To only eat salty / To only eat sweet
  • Waking up in a desert / In a boat in the middle of the Ocean
  • Knowing what you will die of / Knowing what day you will
  • Music concert / Theater play
  • Something organized / Something improvised
  • Visiting the past / Visiting the future
  • Being unable to see / Being unable to hear
  • Light on / Light off
  • Reality / Fiction
  • Motorcycle trip / Car trip (Motorcycle but now car because of baby)
  • Never leaving your city / Not being able to return (I don´t want to return ever)
  • Being submissive / Being dominant
  • Continuing with your life / Restarting your life (I would do it all again)