Entre Indígenas- Who is Jackie Mae?

Jackie- A total mistery!

E- When did the love for tattoes come about?

J- I got my first tattoo when I was 18 and I swore that it would be the only one. And then I got one more, and one more, until it just became something I love and never stopped, and I don´t plan to.

E- Is it related with what you do today? Why cosmetic tattoos? And, what part of your job do you like the most?

J- I think it is related to what I do today for sure.

I have a background in aesthetics and I´ve always wanted to help people feel good about themselves. So I think combining those things with my love for tattoos, made the perfect carreer path for me!

E- We also saw you love motorcycles, Do you ride one?

J- I do love motorcycles and I do ride! 

I am still looking for that perfect one for me!

E- What animal represents you?

J- A wolf or a night owl!

E- Your best quality and your worst defect:

J- I would have to say that my best quality would be my loyalty. And perhaps, that is a defect as well, loyal to a fault.

Also I´m a home body haha sometimes I hide away to be alone and recharge and people tend to take it personally.



– A phrase: If you don´t terrify people a little bit. Then what´s the point.

– A film: Death Proof. Tarantino

– A song: All them witches. Elk Blood Heart 

– A drink:  Margaritas always

– A city:  Berlin


  • Ten years in a coma /Ten years in jail
  • City life / Country life
  • Talking to animals / Talking to the dead (Both! But if had to choose, talking to animals!)
  • A good book / A good movie
  • Only being able to whisper / Only being able to scream
  • Lifetime free wifi / Lifetime free coffee (For sure!)
  • Singing in public /Dancing in public
  • To only eat salty / To only eat sweet
  • Waking up in a desert / In a boat in the middle of the Ocean (It will eventually take you to land! Haha)
  • Something organized / Something improvised
  • Music concert / Theater play
  • Visiting the past / Visiting the future
  • Being unable to see / Being unable to hear
  • Light on / Light off (I am a night owl, I love the dark)
  • Reality/ Fiction
  • Motorcycle trip / Car trip
  • Never leaving your city / Not being able to return
  • Being submissive / Being dominant
  • Continuing with your life / Restarting your life 
  • Knowing what you will die of / Knowing what day you will