Desert Mama- Who is Colt and where can we find him? Tell us about yourself:

Colt- The Texas Hill Country has always been home but much of my early life was spent traveling to rodeos all across the US with my folks. Nowadays my life revolves around music, motorcycles, and rodeo.

DM- How and when did the love for riding horses and motorcycles come about?

C- My mother has always had horses, so I’ve been riding my entire life but motorcycles didn’t become a part of the picture until my Father bought a Harley when I was about 11 years old.

DM- Who taught you how to do both things? 

C- My mother has taught me the most about horsemanship and my Father taught me how to ride a motorcycle.

DM- How long have you been doing Rodeo?
C- I started competing at 8 years old but was off and on until high school. I stopped when I was 20 and have recently started competing again at 29.

DM- Have you had a serious fall on horseback or motorcycle throughout your life?

C- I’ve had quite a few wrecks on horseback and a couple on a motorcycle. Just some breaks and fractures but nothing too serious thankfully.

Fun fact: I broke my collarbone the first time I ever rode a motorcycle.

DM- We have also seen you are the drummer of a band. Can you tell us about this too?!

C- My mother is a singer/songwriter so I started jamming with her when I was about 10 years old. I’ve been playing drums ever since and have been blessed to share the stage with some pretty amazing bands.

Formerly I played for a rock band called Donella Drive. My current band is The Droptines. Check them out on any major streaming platform!

DM- The part you love most about what you do, and the worst part:

C- The excitement, comradery, and sense of accomplishment.

The worst is getting hurt and/or seeing your friends get hurt.

DM- Where would you like to see yourself 10 years from now?

C- Money in the bank and no beer gut would be ideal. lol

DM- Your happiest childhood memory:

C- I’ve been blessed with so many but one of my favorites was when my brother and I would pretend we were paratroopers. Our mother would let us jump out of her Jeep (our imaginary airplane) while driving down our dirt driveway. 

Another fun fact: My brother is a Paratrooper now.

DM- Your best quality and worst defect:

C- Being a perfectionist.

DM- What makes you angry:

C- Disrespectful people.

DM- A perfect day in your life:

C- Shoot, I’ve had so many great days in my life but the ones I tend to cherish the most are cuttin loose with friends and family.

DM- A success and a failure:

C- Making a good ride. Getting bucked off. Both are hard to get off your mind!


– A phrase: Don’t be so open minded that your brains fall out.

– A film: Tombstone

– A song: Thunderstorms & Neon Signs – Wayne Hancock.

– A drink: Coffee.

– A book: Nine Years Among The Indians.

– A city:  Victoria, BC.


  • Ten years in a coma / Ten years in jail
  • City life / Country life (But I’ve enjoyed the few years I’ve lived in a city)
  • Talking to animals / Talking to the dead
  • Having moretime / Having more money (Here for a good time not a long time!)
  • Constantly winter / Constantly summer
  • Having a family with 5 kids / Not having kids at all
  • Only eating salty food / Only eating sweet
  • Waking up in a desert / In a boat in the middle of the Ocean
  • Light on / Light off
  • Something organized / Something improvised
  • Visiting the past / Visiting the future
  • Being unable to see / Being unable to hear
  • Reality / Fiction
  • Motorcycle trip / Car trip
  • Never leaving your city / Not being able to return 
  • Being submissive / Being dominant
  • Continuing with your life / Restarting your life
  • Knowing what you will die of / Knowing what day you will (hopefully its something cool)
  • Music concert / Theater play